Man Trying To Trade Girlfriend Food For Sex Arrested After Violent Confrontation

(Vero Beach Police Department)

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Ivan Ilchenko, 23, was arrested Monday in Vero Beach, Florida, after a domestic dispute over food and sex escalated to a violent confrontation, according to the Miami Herald. 

The dispute arose when Ilchenko’s girlfriend asked him to take her to get something to eat after he got home from work, according to the Miami Herald.  Initially, he refused to take her, stating that he was tired.

However, Ilchenko allegedly told her, “Only if you pleasure me, I will,” per the Miami Herald. 

The Bradenton Herald reports that once his girlfriend refused the exchange, Ilchenko “became violent and told her to get out of the house.” As she was gathering her items to leave, he pushed her down the stairs. (RELATED: Former MLB All-Star Charged For Allegedly Beating Wife-Again)

Local police say that he “became violent” and “flailed his arms in anger,” as they began to handle the situation. Ilchenko corroborated his girlfriend’s story but offered no further insight about the alleged pleasure-for-food request. The Miami Herald reports that he grew agitated and did not wish to answer any further questions after a certain point. 

Ilchenko has been charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence by the Vero Beach Police Department.  

He posted bond of $1,500 and was released at 1:52 pm in the afternoon on October 27, 2020.