‘We’ve Heard That Line A Lot’: Martha MacCallum Fires Back At Pete Buttigieg Over ‘Spreader Event’ Claim

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum challenged former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg after he suggested a Trump rally might be a “spreader event.”

MacCallum began the segment by comparing the campaign schedules of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, asking Buttigieg to weigh in on Biden’s strategy. (RELATED: Pete Buttigieg Defends Biden, Says Barrett Confirmation Violates ‘The Spirit Of The Constitution’)


“Obviously you couldn’t have more different schedules,” MacCallum said as she turned the question to Buttigieg. “The president is in a different state every three hours. Joe Biden was in Delaware. We talked about this before, you and I. You know, is that the way to do this in the home stretch and why isn’t he out there —” (RELATED: ‘There’s A Seat Right Here’: Bret Baier Says He’s Asked Biden To Come On ‘Any One Of These Programs’)

“I’m pretty sure he was in Georgia yesterday,” Buttigieg pushed back, noting that Biden had returned to Delaware Wednesday because he was voting. “I think he’s coming to Florida soon. Obviously his strategy is working given that the Biden-Harris campaign is pulling ahead. We’re also not taking anything for granted, which is why you’ll continue to see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and folks like me out there pounding the ground. We want to make sure that we get out every vote.”

MacCallum pushed back again, noting that Trump had made eight campaign stops just since Sunday. Biden, she added, had made two stops in that same timeframe.

“As you say, this is a very competitive race so may turn out that less is more,” MacCallum said.

“I’m not even sure those visits from Donald Trump are really helping him, right?” Buttigieg said with a smile. He mentioned an Omaha rally that left a number of Trump supporters stranded in the cold while they waited for transportation. “In Arizona, you got a bunch of people in a rally that has the potential to be a spreader event which kind of symbolizes his inability to lead us out of this pandemic.”

“We’ve heard that line a lot,” MacCallum, shot back. “Like I said, we’ll see whose strategy turns out to be the right one. It may be that in this environment it’s better to do less and stay home more. We’ll see.”