Paul Finebaum Rips The Big 10, Says Wisconsin’s Season Is ‘Done’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN pundit Paul Finebaum didn’t mince words when reacting to Wisconsin’s game against Nebraska being called off.

The Badgers won’t play the Cornhuskers this season after the game for Saturday was canceled because of coronavirus, and all players with positive tests can’t compete for 21 days. Finebaum thinks the B1G screwed itself with its policies and ended Wisconsin’s season in the process. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Finebaum said the following Wednesday during an appearance on ESPN about Wisconsin’s game being canceled and the B1G’s policies, according to 247Sports:

Everyone else in sports, it’s either 10-14 days. That’s the CDC guideline. They offered 21. So you’re playing an eight-game season, plus one at the end of the season with the championship game, and there are no bye weeks, guys. None. A team like Wisconsin, who was a threat to be a divisional champ and play Ohio State in the title game, they’re done now. …The Big Ten got what they wanted. They did this so Ohio State could have a legitimate shot at winning the National Championship, and now they’re paying the piper.

I agree with every single world Finebaum said. I couldn’t agree more if I tried. Finebaum is correct on all counts.

The Big 10 made the horrible decision to cancel the season in August, then reversed course in September and left no room for mistakes once games started last weekend.


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Now, games that are called off because of coronavirus can’t be rescheduled, and they just won’t happen at all.

That means Wisconsin now has seven regular season games left at most, which makes a playoff bid borderline impossible.


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You know the B1G screwed up royally when I’m out here agreeing with the face of the SEC. It’s truly a shameful day for the conference.