‘It Isn’t This Kind Of Vertical Scale’: Army Vet Talks Shooting Of Walter Wallace Jr., Philly Protests

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Cory Mills, a highly decorated US Army combat veteran and co-founder of Pacem Solutions, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about civil unrest following the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., Hunter Biden’s impact on the upcoming election and more.

Walter Wallace Jr., who reportedly suffered from mental health issues, was shot and killed on Monday by police. Protests, riots and looting followed the fatal incident, sparking chaos throughout some parts of Philadelphia. (RELATED: Mass Rioting And Looting In Philadelphia Following Police Shooting)

“There is certainly a societal degeneracy when it comes to any type of issue,” Mills said about the unrest that ensued. “We’ve seen on numerous news outlets — both mainstream as well as for private media — where they’ve interviewed people and said, ‘well why is it that you’re so enraged? Why is it that you’re looting and destroying these businesses? Some of which were black-owned businesses.'”

He continued, “they said, ‘well it’s partly as a result of George Floyd but it’s also because I’m looking to get my bread.'”

Mills also responded to whether or not a social worker would have been a better fit than a police officer in this specific situation, which has occurred in some cities.

“I’m not so sure,” he said. “When a person reaches a certain mental state and they’re no longer thinking clearly, does that mean that we put someone out there who hasn’t got the ability to defend themselves and therefore increase the probability of an incident?”

Mills also discussed tech censorship, Hunter Biden’s role in the upcoming election and more.


Editor’s Note: Hunter Biden reportedly made 83,000/month from Burisma. Jim Biden was also reportedly involved in a deal to build 100,000 houses.

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