REPORT: Ghost Hunters Find Spirit Of Joe Exotic’s Husband At Zoo

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“Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans claimed he and his team found the spirit of Joe Exotic’s late husband roaming around the infamous zoo from “Tiger King.”

Bagans and his crew captured something on a device while they were at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, according to an interview published Thursday by Entertainment Tonight.

“I 100 percent believe that Travis Maldonado’s spirit was there,” Bagans said. “He’s trying to send messages out.” (RELATED: Zoo Featured In ‘Tiger King’ Searched After Police Find Remains Believed To Be Human On Property)

“We captured a figure on a device that we use… and this figure was pointing at something in a closet. That directed us to go look in that closet,” Bagans added. “And when we looked on the top shelf we found an item that belonged to Travis.”

Travis Maldonado was married to Joe Exotic before he accidentally shot himself on Oct. 6, 2017. Maldonado had removed the magazine out of a pistol to show a coworker the gun wouldn’t fire. However, there was still a bullet in the chamber still and Maldonado ended up dead.

“Travis was not ready to leave this earth,” Bagans said. “He was not ready. This was an accident, and he still cares about a lot of the people that were there, and he wants to speak. He wants to convey messages.”

There is just something completely creepy about a ghost wanting to try to send you messages. They could be really nice messages, but it’s still insane to think about. I’m not even sure I believe in ghosts, but I do know there are some weird things that happen out there in the world.