What You Missed From Trump’s Rally In Bullhead City, AZ

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Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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President Donald Trump held a massive rally in Bullhead City, Arizona, to pick up voters in the Grand Canyon state and nearby Nevada.

Here is what you missed from the rally.


According to FiveThirtyEight Trump is trailing in Nevada by 6 points and is down 3.1 points in Arizona, despite that, Trump discussed how he is confident he could pull off a win in both states.

“Six days from now we are going to win Arizona, we are going to win Nevada, and we are going to win four more years at our great White House,” Trump said. (Related: Here’s What You Missed At Trump’s Rally In Prescott, Arizona)

Trump also compared Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders to California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris.

“His running mate, the most liberal member of congress, she makes Bernie Sanders look like a super conservative,” Trump told the crowd.

Watch the full video to catch up on all the highlights from Wednesday’s rally and to see what Trump had to say about Hillary Clinton calling his supporters ‘deplorables.’

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