‘I Have PTSD From 2016’: Ana Navarro Is Worried That People Are Relying On Polls

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro said Friday that one of her main concerns going into Tuesday’s general election was that people might rely on polls like they did in 2016.

Navarro said during a segment of ABC’s “The View” that she had “PTSD from 2016” and worried that too many people might see the polls and feel like they didn’t have to go out to vote. (RELATED: ‘It Plays Right Into Donald Trump’s Playbook’: Ana Navarro Says Riots In Philadelphia Help Trump)


Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the segment by asking her co-hosts what was making them the most anxious about the coming election, and Navarro had several concerns.

“Girl, are you kidding? Three days away from the election? I’m anxious about everything. I’m anxious about how the rain is going to affect voting. I’m anxious about the postal service and ballots not getting there on time. I’m very concerned about outstanding mail-in ballots,” Navarro began, noting that there were a number of requested mail-in ballots in key states — like her home state of Florida — that had not been returned.

“If you wake up November 4th and your candidate of choice was not elected you’re going to feel like you just had two bottles of tequila the night before,” Navarro continued. “But your hangover is going to last for four years.”

Navarro went on to say that, since it might be too late to mail in a ballot, people should find a way to vote in person or return their ballots to official drop boxes.

Sunny Hostin jumped in then, saying that her main concerns were voter suppression — which she blamed entirely on Republicans — and the continued impact of the pandemic, particularly in minority communities.

“What scares me, too, is people relying on the polls,” Navarro said, jumping back in. “I have PTSD from 2016. I remember the polls looked pretty good for Hillary Clinton the week before the elections. You know, she had a bunch of fireworks ready to go election night that were never lit. And so, you know, I hope people are not relying on the polls and thinking that that means they don’t have to go out and vote, that they don’t have to go stand in line, they don’t have to return their ballot. They can vote for you know whomever they want, a third party or write-in, Mickey Mouse. We’ve learned our lesson after 2016. Voting matters. Every vote matters.”

Earlier in the week, Navarro slammed people who had voted for a third party or wrote-in someone in 2016, saying that they were the reason Justice Amy Coney Barrett was on the Supreme Court.