‘Let Me Fact-Check’: Chris Wallace Corrects Amy Klobuchar On Biden’s Fracking Position

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace fact-checked Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s position on fracking and fossil fuels during a Sunday morning “Fox News Sunday” interview.

Wallace introduced the topic by playing a clip of President Donald Trump criticizing Biden for his position.

“Biden says he wants zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050,” Wallace said. “Fact is, if you’re going to really do all those things that he’s talking about, it’s going to hurt a lot of people who depend on fossil fuels for jobs.”


“Well, let me clarify the facts,” Klobuchar responded. “First of all, he has made very clear that he is not against fracking, he just wants to have safety rules in place and natural gas …”

“No no. I mean again — senator, let me fact-check …” Wallace interrupted. “He said he will not allow any new fracking on federal lands.”

“Okay, that is correct,” the Minnesota senator said. “We are talking but existing fracking. Secondly, what he’s talking about is stopping these oil subsidies and transitioning to renewable fuels to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.”

Klobuchar went on to describe flooding, hurricanes, and “weird weather events” to make the case for “tackling” climate change. (RELATED: CNN’s Poppy Harlow Says It’s ‘Clear’ That ‘There Would Be Fewer Fracking Jobs’ Under Biden)

Although Biden promised there would be “no new fracking” during a March Democratic primary debate, the former vice president has moderated his position to what he calls a “transition from the oil industry.”