Lindsey Graham: ‘The Momentum Is With Republicans, It’s With Trump’

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said that the 2020 campaign momentum is with President Donald Trump and Republicans during a Sunday morning appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Discussing the state of the race with anchor Maria Bartiromo, Graham cited five reasons why GOP “momentum is real.”


“When I mention Amy Barrett’s name it gets a louder applause than Trump or Graham,” the South Carolina senator said, calling the latest Supreme Court justice a “twofer” who “excites the base.”

“Thirty-three percent GDP growth right before the election is huge for President Trump,” he continued. “People see hope after the virus.”

Graham called “war being declared by Biden on oil and gas” the “biggest political mistake in a debate in modern history.”

The senator went on to suggest that the ongoing questions about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings “is penetrating with independents.”

“Finally, Donald Trump is working his butt off, these rallies are making a difference,” Graham continued. “Keep it up, Mr. President. The momentum is with Republicans. It’s with Trump.” (RELATED: ‘Can’t Fake A Crowd Like That’: Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Tweets Image Of ‘Massive Crowd’ At Trump Rally To Warn Democrats)

Graham concluded by insisting that potential lockdowns imposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to fight the spread of COVID-19 would “kill the economy” and are “definitely on the ballot.”

Though the Real Clear Politics national average has tightened slightly to 7.2%, the race is more narrow in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida.