‘Saturday Night Live’ Roasts Trump, Compares Him To John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer

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Colin Jost roasted President Donald Trump during a “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update segment, comparing him to a pair of serial killers.

Jost used a study linking Trump’s campaign rallies to COVID-19 cases and deaths along with rally attendees getting stranded in the cold after events waiting for buses to compare the president to serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.

“Unfortunately Trump’s gaslighting isn’t quite enough to keep you warm because multiple Trump supporters who were stranded at a freezing cold rally in Nebraska were hospitalized from hypothermia, I assume because Trump told them jackets don’t work,” Jost said.


“But don’t worry, the president isn’t trying to kill supporters, he’s actually succeeded at killing his supporters,” he continued. “According to a new study, around 30,000 Covid cases and 700 deaths have been tied to Trump rallies. That means he’s officially killed more people across the midwest than Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy combined.”

At which point the show merged the pictures of Gacy and Dahmer into a picture of the president.

The study, conducted by Stanford researchers, analyzed COVID-19 data during the weeks after Trump campaign rallies held between June 20 and September 22, NBC reported. It concluded that 30,000 confirmed cases and likely 700 deaths resulted from the rallies, either among attendees or those the attendees spread the virus to later. Fifteen of the 18 rallies analyzed were outdoors.

Trump’s campaign cited “strong precautions” including temperature checks, mask distribution, and hand sanitizer to dispute the report, which has not yet been peer-reviewed. (RELATED: Bill Maher Pans Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion: ‘I Believe The Spanish Inquisition Had Fine People On Both Sides’)

Critics of the report also included former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who called it “fiction as disguised as mathematics” because he claimed it is “based on a model” instead of “actual cases or contact tracing.”