REPORT: Judge Concludes Poop On Johnny Depp’s Bed Was Likely From Pet, Not Amber Heard

(Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images)

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The judge who ruled against Johnny Depp in his libel lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard also provided comment on the poop left on the actor’s bed.

After three months of deliberation, London High Court Judge Andrew Nicol gave his decision on the libel case and the poop incident, according to Page Six. Nicol claimed Depp “proved the necessary elements of his cause of action in libel,” but that the defendants had shown that what was published about Depp was “substantially true.” Depp sued The Sun after the outlet published an article calling him a “wife beater.”

Not only did Depp accuse Heard of abusive behavior, he also accused her or a friend of putting poop in their bed. Depp claimed the poop incident led to his decision to divorce the actress, although judge Nicol didn’t agree. (RELATED: Johnny Depp Claims He’s Tried ‘Every Drug Known To Man,’ But Denies Being A ‘Wife Beater’)

“For what it is worth, I consider that it is unlikely that Ms. Heard or one of her friends was responsible,” the judge reportedly concluded.

“It was Ms. Heard who was likely to suffer from the feces on the bed, not him,” the judge said, according to Page Six.

“It was, therefore, a singularly ineffective means for Ms. Heard or one of her friends to ‘get back’ at Mr. Depp,” the judge claimed.

Nichol also said that one of Heard’s dogs “had an incomplete mastery of her bowels after she had accidentally consumed some marijuana,” according to Page Six.