Is Your First Name On This Voter Poll Of Names? Pollsters Think They Know How You’ll Vote


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The New York Times and Siena College polls over the last few months show how likely a person might be to vote for President Donald Trump over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, based on first name alone.

Digging inside the polls conducted over the past two months, the Times looked at how people with certain names were voting and found that 57% of voters named “Nancy” were likely to vote for Trump, compared to 43% for the Democratic presidential nominee, per the New York Times in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: ‘The Tide Is Turning’: Jesse Watters Describes The ‘Week That Changed The Race’)

In turn, 60% of women named “Karen” were likely voting for Biden, compared to 40% with that name voting for Trump.

The poll also found some interesting results for things like how people with the first names of “Donald” and “Joseph” were voting. (RELATED: Polls Show Biden Up, Tight Race In Critical Swing States)

For example, men named “Donald” were more statistically likely to vote for the president, with 68% supporting Trump and 19% supporting Biden. But the same wasn’t true when it came to men named Joseph, with an even split 50% for Trump and 50% for the former vice president.

The election data was compiled from polls of more than 17,000 likely voters across the 18 battleground states since September. In order for the name to make it on the search table, it reportedly had to have at least 30 respondents with that first name.

To see how your name matches up, you can take the quiz here.