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Fear Will Fail On Election Day

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Maurice Richards Former Chief of Police, Martinsburg WV
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This Tuesday, the American people will stand up to crush the Radical Left and reelect President Donald Trump.

In 2016, the radical, anti-American establishment elites were intent on installing Hillary Clinton as the monarch who would complete the socialist agenda started during the Obama-Biden administration. They were so close. But a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. Sixty-three million patriots who rightly sensed that this was our last chance to save America, stood up and elected President Donald J. Trump. This year’s defeat will be far more devastating for them.

The president’s reelection will be more stunning because he has withstood and overcome the most diabolical, coordinated, systematic conspiracy to undermine and overthrow a democratically elected government in history. The plotters of this treachery include: The Democrat Party at all levels; a corrupt media; disloyal FBI, CIA, and other Deep State actors; social media monopoly oligarchs; Hollywood and entertainment celebrities; university elites; and the Obama administration. For four years, they threw everything at this president but the kitchen sink. But yet, Trump and the American people have prevailed.

Unable to remove the president from office, they launched a massive media-led fear campaign and incorporated it as the core of the Biden-Harris message. The Radical Left knows that fear is a powerful mechanism of control. People cannot think or act rationally when they are constantly afraid.

Great American leaders have recognized this danger. Facing the challenge of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously proclaimed in his 1933 inaugural address, “…that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

FDR fought fear. But facing our nation’s challenges in 2020, instead of fighting fear, the Democrat message has been nothing but fear—running the darkest, most pessimistic, negative, and cynical political campaign in American history. (RELATED: Washington DC Prepares For An Attack)

Their fear campaign has been built upon three themes: The relentless, irrational, anti-scientific hysteria and panic about the Wuhan Virus; the targeted and tolerated riots—enabling the burning and looting of Democrat-run cities; and the sinister attempt to inflame racial animosity, hate and violence between black and white Americans.

The media has worked non-stop to incite fear and panic of the Wuhan Virus so Americans can’t think straight. Democrat governors and mayors have punished citizens by ordering unwarranted, unscientific and inhumane lockdowns—a plan designed not to protect public health, but to take down Trump. This is Joe Biden’s promise of “A dark winter.”

People are fed up with a diet of fear and lockdowns. Americans tend to be smart and practical. With any virus contagion, normal people will consider two factors: How likely is it that I will contract the virus, and if I do catch it, how likely is it that I might die?

Despite the media news blackout, the truth is slowing seeping out about real virus lethality. The Democrat media reports on almost nothing but the number of cases but ignores the most important statistics—the likelihood of survival. The CDC has reported the facts on the survivability rates and they are cause for optimism, not fear. The survival rates for people contracting the virus are: ages 0-19—99.99%; ages 20-49—99.98%; ages 50-69—99.5%; and ages 70 and over—94.6%. The risk of children and young adults dying from the Wuhan Virus is ‘almost zero.’

But the real game changer was Trump’s amazingly rapid recovery from the virus. Seeing is believing, and Trump’s message was powerful and uplifting, “…Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs and knowledge.”

Compared to Joe Biden, who has remained fearful and isolated in a locked basement literally for six months, the contrast of how Americans should face and live with the virus was astonishing.

Biden’s “dark winter” was more than just defeatist pessimism. It was also a glimpse into the dark soul of the Democrat Party that cynically uses human tragedy to win votes. Jane Fonda, a leading Biden surrogate, called the coronavirus “God’s gift to the Left” to keep stoking panic and fear. They revel in repeating the numbers of American fatalities and just can’t seem to wait for the next death to be announced. Some of their leaders even openly rooted for Trump’s death from the virus.

Americans saw their hypocrisy. Biden and Harris laid the blame of every death at Trump’s feet while never mentioning the record of Democrat governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. These lockdown “champions” issued virtual death sentences to thousands of our most vulnerable Americans—elderly residents of senior facilities—when they sent virus-infected people in their midst.

A federal investigation should be conducted to uncover the truth of what appears to be at the very least, criminal negligence—and hold those responsible accountable.

While casting blame, Democrats and their media refused to condemn the communist government of China, the real perpetrator, which unleashed the virus on America and the rest of the world instead of containing it. Hunter Biden’s emails and revelations from his former business partner raise the question of whether Joe Biden’s refusal to condemn the Chinese government is the result of being compromised by that regime.

The riots, looting, burning and destruction, which have engulfed Democrat-run cities, from Minneapolis to Philadelphia, have been tolerated, enabled and supported by the Democrats who cynically believed that the violence would benefit them politically. (RELATED: The Slow Suicide Of NYC)

The two primary radical organizations instigating the riots, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, are grounded upon the belief that the United States as a country is illegitimate, evil, inherently racist and irredeemable. Both share the goal of fundamentally crippling American policing as an institution—Antifa through destroying our entire system of government and Black Lives Matter through its defund the police campaign.

Black Lives Matter is not a civil rights organization—it is a hardcore Marxist movement whose goal is to destroy American society, traditions and Judeo-Christian values. BLM embraces violence to achieve their ends, threatening that if their demands are not met, they “…will burn down this system and replace it.” They practice what they preach. Black Lives Matter is linked to 91% of the 637 riots between May 26 and Sept. 12, 2020.

Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris completely ignored the on-going violence, even while the mobs burned, looted, shot and destroyed during the Democratic National Convention, and Harris has praised BLM’s “brilliance.” Riots, looting and mob violence are now accepted by Democrats as acceptable responses to any perceived injustice involving the police. Black Lives Matter now includes looting as part of their slavery reparations program—with zero criticism coming from Democrat Party leaders.

The Democrats have become a party that despises America, and the Biden-Harris campaign is based on inciting racial division, fear and hate. They share with Antifa and Black Lives Matter the false ideology that America is evil and systemically racist. The Radical Left myth that our country and police are systemically racist was the central theme of the Democratic National Convention and a key element of their party platform.

While most Americans believe in a country where we judge a person by their character and not the color of their skin, Biden has told black people that if they don’t vote for him, they “ain’t black” and has proclaimed the United States to be “systemically racist.”

And by propagating the phony systemic racism myth, the Democrats have delegitimized the police in many people’s eyes, justifying disobeying lawful police authority and resisting arrest—resulting in more police use-of-force incidents. With the excuse that “police are racists” or “Nazis,” attacking and killing police officers can be rationalized.

Through perpetuating this lie and demonizing the police, Democrats and their media are responsible for the violence, lawlessness and anti-police hatred we see today.

The 2020 Democrat campaign of fear, hatred of America, and racial division has failed. Once again, in their contempt for America, Leftist elites have underestimated the power of the American people and the strength of their character.

In reelecting Trump, we will win a great political battle. Our nation is on the brink, and the American people will rise to save her. Our national celebration must also look forward to what needs to be done to preserve our victory and the American Way of Life.

President Trump has already shown great leadership in abolishing destructive critical race theory training for federal employees and in moving to restore patriotic American education our children’s classrooms. (RELATED: Parent Groups Call On Education Department To Launch Civil Rights Investigation Into Critical Race Theory At Public Schools)

But America is still under attack and fighting a cultural civil war. For the past 50 years, the Marxist radical left, in various forms, has been on a mission to destroy America’s values, traditions, beliefs and culture.

Alarmingly, they have done a surprisingly good job, methodically assuming power and control of many vital institutions and infiltrating others. Their undermining power and influence are strong in our universities; local school boards; the Deep State; district attorney, prosecutor, and elected political offices; Hollywood and entertainment; and both mainstream and social media.

It takes a strong American democracy to defeat Marxist totalitarianism—there is no better time to start rebuilding ours than right now.

Maurice Richards is the former Chief of the Martinsburg Police Department in West Virginia. He served as Chief from 2015 to 2020 after 24 years as an officer and lieutenant in the Chicago Police Department. Richards holds a doctorate in Adult Education from Northern Illinois University.

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