‘Become The Media Darling’: Joy Behar Advises Dr. Fauci To ‘Get Out’ While He Still Can


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar had a few words of advice for White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci — namely, that he should get away from President Donald Trump and into media.

Behar and her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” began by playing a clip of Trump talking about Fauci and how he’d like to fire him. Behar suggested that Fauci ought to get out before Trump had the chance to do it. (RELATED: ‘I Was Out Of My Tree’: Chelsea Handler Admits Trump Hate Led To Assaulting Conservatives In Airports)


“Joy, what’s your feel, what’s your feel on this, Joy?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked.

Behar began with the people in the rally crowd who had chanted “Fire Fauci,” saying, “First off, these people — these people chant more than a swami I used to date. They need to go to an ashram.”

“You know, here’s the thing with Fauci and the tone-deafness and stupidity of Trump,” Behar continued. “Number one, I was a civil servant, okay? You can’t fire a civil servant so easily. All right? It’s impossible. But I would say he would be doing Fauci a favor if he could fire him.”

Behar pivoted then to give Fauci a word of advice, concluding, “Fauci needs to quit. Get off of Trump’s bandwagon altogether and go on TV and become the media darling at CNN, MSNBC and I bet they’ll put you on at Fox. And then let’s just listen to him like that. OK? That, to me, is the answer to this problem. Get out now when you can, Anthony.”