Justin Bieber Reveals He Was Once Suicidal In New YouTube Documentary

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot/Justin Bieber)

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Musician Justin Bieber revealed he once had suicidal thoughts.

Bieber talked about his secret battle with suicidal thoughts in a new YouTube documentary, “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter,” released Friday.


“I think there were times where I was really, really suicidal,” Bieber said in the documentary. “Like, man, is this pain ever going to go away?”

“It was so consistent, the pain was so consistent,” he added. “I was just suffering. So, I’m just like, man, I would rather not feel this than feel this.”

Bieber did give advice for people feeling lonely in the documentary. (RELATED: Justin Bieber Sues Sexual Assault Accusers In $20 Million Defamation Lawsuit)

“I just would encourage people, like, hey, if you’re feeling lonely, talk about it,” Bieber encouraged. “Say it out loud.”

Bieber has talked about his mental health issues in the past and even commented on paparazzi photos of him crying taken in 2018.

“I remember just struggling,” Bieber shared while holding up the snap. “I remember feeling, like, emotionally just overwhelmed and talking to her, not knowing how to communicate certain things and just feeling kind of frustrated.”

“There has been a lot of things that have happened in my life and this was a point in my life where I was just like, so overwhelmed… being a normal person and crying,” he added.