US Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott Explains Why We Need Border Security

Daily Caller

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U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott spoke with the Daily Caller and explained the importance of border security.

“There’s always going to be some crime,” Scott said. “But baseline, we have to be able to just know what enters our home.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Black Hawk Pilot Patrolling The Border)


Scott said that we won’t be able to know the true value of the border wall until it’s all completed and they ramp up efforts to patrol the border. “But it is helping every single day,” Scott said.

He went on to tell the Daily Caller about his commitment as chief of the border patrol, which is to look at exactly what the border patrol gets out of each investment. They present a new report to Congress every year detailing what investments they need to secure the border, Scott said.

The border wall not only helps curb illegal immigration, but it allows border patrol to put agents and resources into other areas, Scott told the Caller.