Al Sharpton: Cuban-American Voters In Florida ‘Look More To The Propaganda’

MSNBC screengrab)

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MSNBC contributor Al Sharpton suggested that Cuban-American voters in Florida are susceptible to Republican “propaganda” about Democrats and socialism.

Sharpton made the statement Tuesday evening while analyzing with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow 2020 election returns in Florida, where Cuban-American support had helped President Donald Trump to a significant lead in the state.


“This is where we’re seeing the Democrat is holding his own,” Sharpton said, speaking of the Hispanic vote in North Carolina. “And [Republican North Carolina Sen. Thom] Tillis could be in trouble.”

“We don’t have the same dynamics that we have in Florida where you have like in Miami-Dade … a large Cuban influence in terms of Cuban voters who look more to the propaganda that we’re dealing with socialism and all that offset a large black turnout,” he continued before moving to the race in Georgia.

While Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading among Hispanic voters nationally, Trump is leading with that voting bloc in Florida. (RELATED: Dems Dumped Almost $100 Million, Mitch Won By Double Digits)

Trump carried Florida in 2016 and seems poised to carry the key swing state again in 2020.