Cook Like A Gourmet Chef With This Discounted Himalayan Salt Block

Emily Lynch Contributor
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The perfect amount of salt and seasoning creates mouth-watering meals, but sometimes it can be hard to find that balance. If you’ve been looking for a kitchen gadget that will help transform your food into restaurant-quality meals, boy, do we have the product for you. Introducing the Himalite Himalayan Salt Block!

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This cooking block is 100% pure Himalayan salt. The naturally pink salt adds an extraordinary flavor to your meats and vegetables while adding beneficial nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Since this cooking block can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees, you can use it on the grill or stovetop. Either one you choose will product equally fantastic results. It is also 12″ by 8″ to provide ample cooking space. The salt block and a metal tray will be included in your purchase.

Cleaning the salt block is as simple as could be. All you have to do is let your block cool after use, moisten it with a soft, damp sponge (do not use soap), and then let it air dry. Are you ready to hear the best part? The salt block disinfects itself naturally! That’s pretty minimal effort for food that tastes so delicious!

(Photo Via Amazon)

With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this salt block is classified as an Amazon Choice Product. Listen to what some customers have to say about their purchase:

“I use it to cook beef, it enhances flavor, meat is super soft! I did no have any issue to use it, just did some research on first time use and after that everything is super easy”

“This salt block is Excellent! We liked it so much, we gave one to my Dad on Fathers Day. We also bought another one, so we can cook more food at a time. ”

So, what’s the hold up? You can get your very own Himalite Himalayan Salt Block for just $34.99 when you click here!


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