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Gun Store Sells 80,000 Rounds Of Ammo In 30 Minutes After Opening

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A gun store chain has reported that it sold more than 80,000 rounds of ammo in just the first half hour after opening.

The Northwest Indiana Times reported that Blythe’s Sport Shops, which had locations in Valparaiso and Griffith, Indiana, had a shipment of 80,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition come in on election day. It was reportedly gone in just 30 minutes.

The store’s chief operating officer, Kyle Goranson, told the local outlet that the ammo, which is widely used in semi-automatic pistols like the Glock 17, Springfield XD, and Beretta 92, has not been the only type that has been hard to find. Shotgun slugs, used for hunting big game, also have been hard to find.

Goranson noted that many people had become first-time gun buyers during the pandemic this spring and the civil unrest over the summer, according to the Times. (RELATED: Landslide Victory For Gun Sales )

“We have had no official specific information of any organized plans of civil unrest in our area regardless of election results. Of course we will keep our eyes and ears open at all levels, and our agencies will continue to work together should any issues arise,” Keith Martin of the Griffith Police Department told the outlet.

Goranson told the Times that he has ordered more ammunition.