Man Reportedly Refuses Arrest After Being Found Naked In Woman’s Apartment

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Joe Miller Contributor
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Jermarla Jackson, a 38-year-old man from Toledo, Ohio was taken into custody Tuesday after reportedly getting caught naked in someone else’s home, according to NBC24.

Jackson allegedly illegally entered a woman’s apartment on the 800th block of Walnut Street in Toledo, Ohio, per NBC24.

Toledo, USA - September 22, 2014: Three men fish and talk at the banks of the Maumee River with the downtown skyline in the background in Toledo, Ohio.

Toledo, Ohio. (Gettyimages/Benedek)

When the resident came home, she walked in on Jermarla Jackson on her floor, laying down. While Jackson was trespassing on this property, according to NBC24, he was also completely naked.

The authorities stated that Jermarla Jackson was resisting arrest after the police arrived. Jackson reportedly had to be thrown to the ground due to trying to fight the authorities. While fighting with the police, Jermarla Jackson did try to pull away multiple times in efforts to try to hide his hands from being detained with the handcuffs. (RELATED: Satanist In Florida Convicted Of Resisting Arrest And Disrupting A Government Meeting)

Jermarla Jackson was taken to Lucas County Corrections Center and was charged with two counts. One of the charges was for burglary. The other was for resisting arrest.

The preliminary hearing for  Jermarla Jackson’s case is going to be held on November 12th. The case will be held in the Toledo Municipal Court. The bond for Jackson is set for $50,000.