REPORT: NFL Star Juju Smith-Schuster Fined $5,000 For Breaking A Dress Code Rule

(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

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Pittsburgh Steelers star Juju Smith-Schuster got fined $5,000 for breaking a weird dress code rule.

Schuster didn’t wear his socks pulled all the way up to the end of his pants during the Oct. 25 game against the Tennessee Titans, according to People magazine. Shuster originally shared a photo of the penalty letter on his Instagram stories on Oct. 29, but the story has since expired, People magazine reported.

“Specifically, your stockings failed to cover your lower leg,” the letter reportedly said.

This is insane. Schuster got charged $5,000 because he didn’t have his socks all the way up? Doesn’t the NFL have bigger things to worry about like how to increase viewership? The TV ratings for week four of the NFL were down 10% compared to this week in 2019. (RELATED: NFL Viewership TV Ratings About 10% Through Week 4 Compared to 2019)

It could definitely be a number of things including COVID, but maybe since the election is now over sports will stop consisting of so much politics. Let’s be real, ever since sports has become inundated with politics, it seems like we’ve seen a decrease in viewership across the board.

I’ll still be watching sports no matter what because I need something to do that’s going to keep me entertained.