‘We Did Win This Election’: Trump Says He’s Bringing Election Issue To Supreme Court


Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump accused Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden of attempting to “disenfranchise” voters in a White house address delivered early Wednesday morning after Election Day.

Trump boasted of wins in various states and claimed his campaign “did win this election” during the White House address, hailing the record turnout across the country. Trump added that he expects the question to go before the Supreme Court. Vice President Mike Pence also spoke but was more reserved, saying he and Trump were “on the path” to reelection.

“We did win this election,” Trump said. “This is a fraud on the American people.”

“We had millions and millions of people to come out to vote, and a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people, and we won’t stand for it,” Trump said. “We won states that we weren’t expected to win. We won Florida — we didn’t win it, we wont it by a lot.”

Trump also touted his wins in Ohio and Texas. He also claimed to have taken Georgia, though that state has yet to be called. Trump said he is also up 690,000 votes in Pennsylvania, a state that has also not been called. The state has a large number of uncounted mail-in ballots that are expected to favor Biden.

“This is without question the latest news conference I’ve ever had,” Trump added. (RELATED: President Trump Projected To Take Florida As Biden Spirals Among Hispanic Voters)

Trump faced heavy criticism even among supporters for claiming victory in the election, which he has not won.

Trump first addressed the election on Twitter, saying Biden was attempting to “steal” the election. The social media platform almost immediately flagged the tweet, saying “some or all of the content shared in this tweet and might be misleading.” There is currently no evidence that Biden or Democrats attempted any voter fraud.

Trump sent the tweet minutes after Biden delivered a brief speech saying he and his campaign believed they are “on track” for a victory. Polls heading into Election Day had Biden with a significant lead, a lead that faltered in key states like Florida and Ohio. (RELATED: Twitter Flags Trump Campaign Tweet Calling South Carolina Race For President Trump)

Results have yet to be fully reported in the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Trump must win two of those three states to win reelection. Results in Pennsylvania are expected to be particularly delayed thanks to legal challenges surrounding the counting of mail-in ballots.