‘Repudiation Of Progressive, Marxist, Socialist Policies’: Byron Donalds On Why Trump Won Florida

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Byron Donalds, who won in Florida’s 19th Congressional District, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about his and President Trump’s success in Florida, the future of the Republican Party and more.

“With respect to President Trump,” Donalds said, “the reason why his victory in Florida was so decisive is because we actually did a really good job of campaigning to all voters in Florida.”

He added, “I think when you get away from a lot of the mischaracterizations that the media and the democrats are putting out and you actually look at the president’s record, it’s clear that he was the best choice and deserved four more years.”

“I think the issue here we’re having right now in some of our states is ‘are all the legal votes being counted?'” Donalds said. “If you have these rules, frankly, that are set up by Democrat Secretaries of States in some of these states and by judicial opinions, frankly, who have no responsibility for creating election law, but choose to interpret election law, then that’s what causes the problems.”

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in three states, one of which is Georgia that has since been denied by a judge.

Donalds said, “one of the reasons why the Georgia lawsuit was filed is because, I believe it was in Fulton County, the supervisors of elections said, ‘we’re done counting. Everyone go home.’ The Republican poll watchers, who were watching the count of those ballots, went home. The supervisors of elections went back into the building to count ballots.”

However, reports show the Georgia lawsuit was regarding “concerns about 53 absentee ballots that poll observers said were not part of an original batch of ballots. County elections officials testified that all 53 ballots had been received on time.”

Donalds also discussed his own battle with COVID-19, saying he believes the virus is under control because of a dropping mortality rate and hospital systems not being overrun. Some hospitals have reported being overwhelmed with new cases of COVID-19, however.


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