Election Expert Sean Trende Says Arizona Is ‘Still Up In The Air’

Caity McDuffee/Daily Caller

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee talked to Sean Trende, Senior Election Analyst at Real Clear Politics, to get his take on the Grand Canyon state. 

Arizona, with 86% reporting, has Joe Biden ahead by two percentage points at 50.5%. President Donald Trump has 48.1%, according to the New York Times.


“There are some rumblings about the call in Arizona being reversed, if that does happen then I think we are back to a fifty-fifty race that any candidate can win,” Trende said. (RELATED: ‘Way Too Soon’ — Trump Campaign Rages Over Fox’s Arizona Call, Urges Other Outlets Not To Call The State For Biden)

Trende also explained that absentee ballots tend to skew in Biden’s favor in this election.

“Traditionally absentee ballots have favored Republicans. What happened this time was Democrats just put a lot of effort into convincing their voters to vote absentee. Donald Trump actively worked to get people not to vote absentee for Republicans,” Trende said.

Trende also said conservatives will likely question the results in this election, given the process. 

“I think it is very unlikely that conservatives are going to be confident in this election process. Just like, as you said, Democrats immediately believed that Russian Facebook ads somehow changed the views of millions or tens of thousands of American voters.” 

Watch the full video to get Trende’s take on when we will find out the results of the election and who he thinks will win the White House.

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