‘Enough Fawning’: Former Hillary Clinton Adviser Delivers Post-Election Blast To Biden And Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Hillary Clinton adviser Peter Daou took aim at both sides in a post-election rant calling voters to remember that all elected officials worked for them, not the other way around.

Daou first criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, referring to him as the “incoming Democratic president” despite the absence of an official call on the 2020 presidential race. (RELATED: Media Company Endorsed By Hillary Rewrites 2016 Without Her Mistakes)

“BITTER TRUTH. The incoming Democratic president has multiple sexual harassment allegations, years of groping girls on video, was VP in an administration that deported millions & built child cages, maintained and expanded Bush’s worst abuses (like droning babies). Enough fawning,” Daou tweeted.

Daou then pivoted to attack President Donald Trump, claiming that he had “committed crimes against humanity” and deserved to lose. “They are responsible for countless #coronavirus deaths. It should have been a resounding repudiation. It wasn’t. But I hope they face criminal charges for their actions,” he added.

Daou’s conclusion was a direct plea to the American people, a reminder that politicians at every level are elected to do the will of the people. “Politicians work for us. Don’t worship them. Call them out. Hold them to account. No matter which party,” he said.

Daou had previously called for Biden to drop out of the Democratic primary, saying that it was the only way for the party to show that it was taking the accusations of Tara Reade — who had accused Biden of sexual assault — seriously.