Lil Pump Makes Appearance At Doc Antle’s Zoo Wearing MAGA Hat

(Credit: Instagram Screenshot docantle https://www.instagram.com/p/CHNX_72hADj/)

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Rapper Lil Pump made an appearance at “Tiger King” star Doc Antle’s zoo wearing his Make America Great Again hat.

Doc Antle shared videos of the rapper posing with multiple exotic animals Thursday on his personal account.

“Save the Tiger Save the World,” he captioned the first video. “Save the Elephant.”


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lil pump visited MyrtleBeachSafari and meet Bubbles the elephant.

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“lil pump visited MyrtleBeachSafari and meet Bubbles the elephant,” Antle captioned the second video.

Lil Pump got in touch with Doc Antle through Floyd Mayweather, TMZ reported. After leaving Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Lil Pump and some friends traveled to Myrtle Beach Safari, owned by Doc Antle, in South Carolina. (RELATED: Lil Pump Attends Donald Trump’s Rally In Florida)

TMZ reported that after Lil Pump hung out with all of the wild animals, the group had dinner at the park. Everything was filmed for the upcoming series “Tiger Kingdom: More Than a King,” according to the outlet.

Sounds like Lil Pump had an eventful week getting involved in things that are for sure going to get him press attention. He was highly criticized for endorsing President Trump, but he really went all out anyway. He showed up to a rally for the president as well.

Showing up at Doc Antle’s zoo is also going to kick his name back into the press. Everyone knows hanging out with exotic animals is bad now.