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Man Allegedly Shoots Pregnant Wife, Thinking She Was An Intruder


Ivan Belostenko Contributor
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A Florida man shot his pregnant wife inside their home Wednesday after mistaking her for an intruder.

The woman’s husband heard a noise outside the bedroom door in their home in Stuart at approximately 1:30 AM, said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, AP reports.

“He went to investigate with a handgun, saw a shape in the hallway, fired one round, and unfortunately, it turned out to be his wife,” added Snyder referring to an in-depth statement received from the suspect, per AP. (RELATED: Man Reportedly Refuses Arrest After Being Found Naked In Woman’s Apartment)

Snyder added that the man called 911, distressed and explaining the situation. A 2-year-old child was in the home at the time of the shooting, deputies said, according to AP.

The injured six-month pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors were able to save the baby’s life, according to WPBF. The mother of two was unfortunately pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital due to a “grave condition from a gunshot wound.”

“This is a nightmare case,” said Snyder, per AP. “You know somebody who thinks he’s defending his home, actually shoots his wife?”

The sheriff added that there is still “a lot of investigative steps that we’ll have to make sure that he’s telling the truth” and will be “checking all backgrounds,” according to AP.