Former Florida AG Alleges ‘Fake Ballots’ In PA, Skirts Around Providing Proof

Screenshot Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi alleged Thursday morning on “Fox & Friends” that there are “fake ballots” in Pennsylvania, but she skirted around providing proof.

Pennsylvania is just one of the states that has been slow to report all of its ballots. President Donald Trump is ahead, but the lead narrowed Thursday as more votes continue to be counted, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Amid the uncertainty, Bondi landed Thursday in Pennsylvania to deliver a court order that she said allows a team to go inside the convention center and observe the ballot counting. Prior to that, Bondi told “Fox & Friends” co-hosts that there is “evidence of cheating” and assured viewers that they would remain there “until they declare we won Pennsylvania.”

“For every vote that came in late, that was postmarked late – that discounts … every legal vote that come in,” Bondi said. “So that means all the good residents who are all supporting us in Pennsylvania, their votes don’t count by these fake ballots that are coming in late. And back to the observation, they’re not letting us watch the process.”


Co-host Steve Doocy briefly pressed Bondi about her “fake ballots” comment. The former AG responded by clarifying that the issue is that “there could be” fake ballots.

“Do you have any — have you heard stories of, you know, ballots that are fake, and if so, just tell us what you know?” Doocy replied.

“Well, we know that ballots have been dumped,” Bondi replied. “There were ballots that were found early on. We’ve heard people were receiving ballots that were dead, you know, the thing that’s happening all over the country.”

Doocy interjected to ask if they were “legal ballots,” to which Bondi said “if people were receiving ballots where they were deceased” it was not legal. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Sues Pennsylvania To Halt Counting Of Mail-In Ballots, Prematurely Claims Victory)

“That’s the problem,” Bondi said, without directly answering Doocy’s request for proof. “That’s why the supervisor of elections cannot extend — she wants to keep extending this process. These two lawsuits go hand in hand. All we want to do is observe what’s happening.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Bondi if anyone counting the ballots have said “they saw a postmark of November 4 or 5” – after the deadline.

“You know, we talked about that last night and there are good people working in that room. We don’t want them to lose their jobs for coming forward and talking to us, so that, we don’t know … Why won’t they let us watch? It’s our legal right to watch,” Bondi replied.