Police Detain Driver Who Took Them On Wild Chase Down Airport Runways

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Good Day LA https://twitter.com/gdla/status/1324764320689844224?s=21)

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Authorities detained a driver that led police on a chase Friday down runways at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles.

The driver originally breached security at a construction site near the airport grounds, according to Fox11 Los Angeles. The vehicle can be seen in video driving up and down runways as planes get ready to take off.


Fox11 Los Angeles reported that at times, both of the driver’s hands were hanging out of the sunroof of the vehicle. The whole chase lasted about 20 minutes, according to the outlet. The chase finally ended when the driver crashed into a fence.

There were no injuries reported from the chase. Authorities claimed the driver was talking about the “federal government” and “Mexican drug cartels.” Police suspect the driver suffered from mental issues, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Man Films High-Speed Car Chase. Then The Car Hit Him)

Well this is the craziest police chase I have seen in a while. Someone could have been seriously hurt during this considering the driver was recklessly driving around airport runways. It’s unclear if flight schedules were impacted, but it would make sense that something was probably messed up.

The part where the driver apparently had both hands out of the sunroof is insane. The video is just insane.