MSNBC Contributor Steve Schmidt Calls Tucker Carlson A 2024 GOP ‘Frontrunner’

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MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt suggested that Fox News host Tucker Carlson may be a Republican “frontrunner” in 2024.

Schmidt, a member of the Lincoln Project, appeared Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” with anchor Brian Williams, who brought the topic to “Trumpism,” a “part of what the Lincoln Project was formed to defeat.”

“Trumpism is a powerful thing,” said Williams. “It may be a loser politically, but do you anticipate it to survive Donald Trump?”


“Oh, absolutely,” Schmidt responded. “Look, we have almost 48% of this country that’s voted for a statist authoritarian movement with fascistic markers that’s hostile to American democracy, to the rule of law that venerates an individual, that’s a cult of personality.”

“I think that Tucker Carlson is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024,” he continued. “What you are going to see is every Republican candidate will kowtow to the conspiracy that Trump was stabbed in the back by unseen malicious forces of the deep state, that the election was stolen, that it’s illegitimate forever. Forever.”

Schmidt went on to contend that most Republicans “will believe this was an illegitimate election” because of networks like Fox News and One America News Network.

“And so this is a long-term fight,” he said, calling Trumpism “an emboldened white supremacist, white nationalist movement in this country.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: If Democrats Had Won The Senate, ‘The Country As We Know It Would Have Ended’)

The Lincoln Project released a video Friday supporting Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff, who will face incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue in a January runoff.