‘They Are Broken’: Robert Cahaly Breaks Down Why He Thinks Polls Were Wrong

(Screenshot, Samantha Renck)

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Robert Cahaly, a senior strategist and pollster at the Trafalgar Group, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about why he thinks the polls were so wrong this election, improvements for the future and more.

Cahaly has made headlines in recent news for discussing what he labels as “the shy Trump voter.

“If you look at all the other polls that were so entertaining before the election and they derided us so much for saying this election would be close,” Cahaly said in reference to his own polling that indicated a tight race, “you realize that they were hidden from them.”

He continued, “by them, I mean all the other polling firms.” (RELATED: Trump Isn’t Conceding The Election — Vows To ‘Never Give Up Fighting’)

“Yes, they absolutely exist and people are beginning to realize that this is a real thing,” Cahaly said. “There’s really no excuse or explanation for why everybody could have gotten it so wrong if these people were participating.”

Cahaly also discussed his own group’s methodology, how polls can be improved for future elections and more.


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