‘Is The Pope Catholic?’: Rod Blagojevich Has No Doubt Democrats Are Stealing Votes


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said Friday, without evidence, that he has no doubt Democrats were stealing votes in major cities.

Blagojevich, born and raised inside the Chicago political machine, told Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt that stealing votes was a “time-honored tradition” in major cities — like Chicago and Philadelphia — that are run almost entirely by Democrats. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘They Did It To Me First’ — Rod Blagojevich Knew Exactly What The FBI Did To Flynn)

“What do you make of what we’re seeing in Philadelphia?” Schmitt asked.

“If the question is, ‘are the Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia?’ then my answer is, ‘is the Pope Catholic?'” Blagojevich replied. “It’s a time-honored tradition in big Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, my home town, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they’re doing.”

Trump campaign has filed suits in GeorgiaMichigan, and Pennsylvania so far and none of the lawsuits include specific claims of fraudulent ballots.

Blagojevich went on to say that what set this particular election apart from previous elections was the magnitude, saying that he had never seen it executed on such a scale. “My instincts tell me it’s going on in Atlanta, it’s going on in Detroit, it’s going on in Milwaukee, it’s going on in Las Vegas.”

Citing his own history inside the Chicago political establishment, Blagojevich added, “It’s like what Justice Powell said about pornography: ‘You can’t define it, but you know it when you see it.'”

“I know how they operate,” Blagojevich continued. “They control polling places, they stop votes when their candidate is behind, and then in the wee hours, in the dark of night, the stealing starts.”

He cited the large vote dumps in places like Michigan as examples of what he was talking about, accusing the media of “looking the other way” because they “wanted to beat Donald Trump at all costs.”

However, the Daily Caller reported that the large vote dump in Michigan was the result of a clerical error in Michigan’s Shiawassee County presidential election data that was quickly corrected.

Blagojevich went to prison for corruption after he was convicted of attempting to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated when former President Barack Obama won the 2008 election. He has referred to himself as a “Trumpocrat” since President Donald Trump commuted his sentence, and he campaigned for Trump’s 2020 reelection bid.