Dave Chappelle On ‘SNL’: ‘Thank God For COVID, Someone Had To Lock These Murderous Whites Up’

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Comedian Dave Chappelle hosted NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” with a politically charged comedy routine that at one point credited COVID-19 lockdowns for locking “these murderous whites up.”

With Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden projected by most media to become president-elect on Saturday and coronavirus cases spiking across the country, Chappelle’s routine took aim at President Donald Trump, his response to the virus, and “poor white people” who “don’t like wearing masks.”


“I don’t know why poor white people don’t like wearing masks,” he joked. “What is the problem? They wear masks to Klan rallies. Wear it to Walmart too? Wear your Klan hood at Walmart so we can all feel safe.”

Chappelle went on to slam Trump for catching the virus: “You know when he got coronavirus they said everything about it on the news. But you know what they didn’t say? … Trump getting coronavirus was like when Freddie Mercury got aids. Nobody was like, ‘well, how did he get it?'”

Speaking of a text from a friend in London after Biden’s win was reported, the comedian said, “She said, ‘The world feels like a safer place now that America has a new president.’ And I said, ‘That’s great, but America doesn’t.’ You guys remember what life was like before COVID? I do. There was a mass shooting every week. Anyone remember that? Thank God for COVID. Someone had to lock these murderous whites up, keep them in the house.” (RELATED: Laura Ingraham Says Trump Should Accept Election Results With ‘Grace And Composure’)

Chappelle ended his opening with a call for those who supported Biden to “be a humble winner.”

“I would implore everybody who’s celebrating today to remember it’s good to be a humble winner,” he said. “Remember when I was here four years ago. Remember how bad that felt? Remember that half the country right now still feels that way. Please remember that.”