‘Trump As President Was Fun, But Trump As Ex-Prez, Holy Crap!’: Greg Gutfeld Predicts More Media Mayhem For Trump

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld predicted that President Donald Trump could potentially drive more media coverage as an ex-president than he has as president.

Gutfeld opened Saturday night’s “Greg Gutfeld Show” by reacting to Trump’s newfound role after his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, was predicted to become president-elect.

After making a few jokes about some accomplishments the president could make in his final two months, Gutfeld turned to the media mayhem likely to occur over the next four years.

“So chin up America, the fact is Trump as president was fun, but Trump as ex-prez, holy crap!” he joked. “Seriously, who’s more interesting, Godzilla or Godzilla on vacation? He’s gonna be more fun than magic mushrooms in a bouncy castle.”


“He’s corn on the cob to Joe’s strained peas,” he continued. “You can’t get ’em out of your teeth, and the media won’t be able to get enough of him after claiming they’ve had enough of him. Give that they won’t be doing any real journalism anyway, they’ve gotta keep busy somehow, and Trump will keep them busy.”

The Fox News host went on to praise Trump’s accomplishments while in office and thank him for his service.

“So true to form Trump will keep fighting,” he concluded. “That’s who he is which is why millions voted for him. Trump exposed the media. He exposed the pollsters he exposed the elites he exposed the political system. Thanks to him we finally saw things the way they really are. He removed the blindfold. For that I thank you, Donald Trump.” (RELATED: MSNBC Contributor Steve Schmidt Calls Tucker Carlson A 2024 GOP ‘Frontrunner’)

“See you in 2024,” Gutfeld panned. “As for VP it’s either me or Kanye We’ll flip for it.”