Jake Tapper: Republican Leaders ‘Are Acting Like Babies’ Over Election Results

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Republican leaders “are acting like babies” for refusing to acknowledge and congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.

Speaking with Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan about President Donald Trump’s unwillingness to concede the race to Biden, instead choosing to file lawsuits in several states alleging voter fraud, Tapper took aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and other Republican leaders for siding with the president.


“It’s a vast minority of official Republicans who have congratulated President-elect Biden,” Tapper said. “It’s like you, Mitt Romney, the newly elected governor of Utah. I mean, we haven’t heard from Mitch McConnell. We haven’t heard from Kevin McCarthy. I have to say, just as an American …”

Hogan interrupted to add others, including Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, who had congratulated Biden.

“OK, but as an American citizen it’s really disappointing,” Tapper continued. “Not you, but your party’s leaders are acting like babies. You lost the election. Congratulate the president-elect.”

“I’ve always felt our American democracy was always more important than one person or any one election, and while I understand the disappointment and frustration from a lot of people that didn’t get the outcome they were hoping for, we do have the most important thing — that we respect our Democratic process,” Hogan responded. “Hopefully we’re gonna get there, Jake.” (RELATED: ‘Trump As President Was Fun, But Trump As Ex-Prez, Holy Crap!’: Greg Gutfeld Predicts Four More Years Of Media Mayhem)

McConnell tweeted his support for counting “every legal vote” and challenging “illegally-submitted ballots” last week.

After a week of vote counts that have consistently bolstered the former vice president’s lead in key states, Fox News and the Associated Press declared Biden president-elect on Saturday.