17-Year-Old Reportedly Arrested For Stealing Scooter, Possession Of Drugs And Knives

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A 17-year-old teenage boy from Lewisham, U.K. was reportedly arrested Sunday, after the police spotted the male acting strangely on the scooter he was riding.

The boy still remains in police custody, according to Metropolitan Police news website.

The Met’s Operation Venice Team worked with units from the Mets Violent Crime Taskforce (VCTF) where they saw the teenage boy behaving strangely in the Lewisham Town Centre.

Following a computer search, the police found that the scooter had been stolen about a month ago from a parking lot.

The officers had been traveling on Lewisham High Street en-route to Lewisham Road when they spotted the boy on the scooter approaching them. After the boy went in the opposite direction, they proceeded to chase after him, according to Metropolitan Police news.

During the police chase, the boy on the scooter started to drive on the opposite side of the road towards a one way street. After going through a red light, the boy lost control of the scooter and hit a sign post. The boy then proceeded to try to run from the police, according to Metropolitan Police news.

The boy was detained by a passerby until the officers chasing the boy were able to arrest him.

Officers arrested the boy on charges of failing to stop for the police, possession of a weapon and drugs, according to Metropolitan Police news. (RELATED: Oregon Man Driving Stolen Vehicle Crashes Into Woman Driving Stolen Vehicle)

“I would firstly like to thank the individual who helped to detain this male for his brave actions. If he had not have intervened it might have been possible for the suspect to get away from us and there would have been two more knives on our streets,” Police Sergeant Tony McGovern of Operation Venice stated.

“There is absolutely no need for anyone of any age to be in possession of these horrendous weapons. For all my years in policing I have rarely seen anyone carry what almost looks like a sword! This has been an excellent piece of policing that has removed a dangerous individual off the streets,” McGovern added.