‘Hit The Road, Don’: Ana Navarro Couldn’t Stop Laughing At Giuliani’s Press Conference Near Adult Bookstore

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro burst into a fit of laughter during Monday’s “The View” as she tried to discuss President Donald Trump’s claims of voting irregularities.

Navarro referred to investigative efforts as a “Keystone Cop” operation, and she burst out laughing when she brought up a weekend press conference held by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani between an adult book store and a crematorium. (RELATED: ‘I Have PTSD From 2016’: Ana Navarro Is Worried That People Are Relying On Polls)


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by asking Navarro whether she thought President Trump would leave the White House quietly — and Navarro responded by mocking the Trump campaign’s efforts to question the integrity of the election.

“Well, Whoopi, look. All of these — all of these attempts, right, at calling into question the integrity of the election, it’s like it’s being run by the Keystone Cops, right? I don’t know if you saw this press conference over the weekend —” Navarro trailed off, laughing.

She went on to detail a weekend press conference that she claimed was supposed to be held at the Four Seasons and was scheduled at Four Seasons Total Landscaping instead.

“So off goes Giuliani to the back of this landscaping store that’s right next to Fantasy Island adult bookstore and across the street from a crematorium,” Navarro continued, clearly struggling to keep from laughing as she explained what had happened. “And the first witness that Giuliani calls up is a child sex offender who served time for exposing himself to children. Okay? In the ‘90s.”

“This is the kind of — I can’t,” Navarro burst out laughing then took a moment to regain her composure. “This is the kind of operation they are running. They went to a landscaping store to hold a press conference instead of the Four Seasons. It’s over. I mean, hit the road, Don.”