Megyn Kelly Spent The Weekend Ripping On Leftists, Media Pushing ‘Unity’ After Demonizing Conservatives For Years

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Journalist Megyn Kelly spent the weekend calling out leftists, the media and President-elect Joe Biden for “sanctimoniously demanding ‘civility'” after spending years attacking those who back President Donald Trump.

Kelly began her comments Sunday morning by responding to Biden’s tweet where he declared: “A nation united. A nation strengthened. A nation healed. The United States of America.”

“Written like a man who’s been in his basement for a year,” Kelly replied, going on to address multiple attacks about her tweet.

The many responses included Jon Favreau, co-founder of the liberal media company “Crooked Media,” who called Kelly “truly pathetic.” Austin Goolsbee, previously an economic adviser for former President Barack Obama, told Kelly to “stop,” and political scientist Ian Bremmer said she could “do better.”

Kelly didn’t back down, repeatedly explaining how she believes it is “out of touch” to feel that the “70m [million] Americans who have been unfairly demonized as the worst of humanity for 4yrs are now going to hug those who’ve viciously attacked them.”

“You have zero understanding of the mood of 70 million Americans who have been unfairly attacked relentlessly for the past four years as awful ppl just for supporting their president,” Kelly replied to Favreau.

“Half of the country has been demonized as awful for four years just for supporting their president who was falsely accused of Russian collaboration, wrongly impeached & attacked relentlessly by the L & a dishonest media. And now it’s ‘let’s heal!’ ‘Unity!’ Good luck,” she quipped back at Goolsbee.

Kelly continued to argue that the call for “unity” from the left after years of attacks is unreasonable. In one tweet, she wrote that “the vitriol went well beyond Trump” throughout his presidency.

“Some 70m ppl have been called vile, bigots, racists & xenophobes & are now being threatened w/being put on target ‘lists’ as punishment for supporting him,” according to Kelly. “They’ve been demonized by the very ppl now sanctimoniously demanding ‘civility.'”

The former Fox News anchor also called out The Daily Beast and its senior writer Matt Wilstein after he tweeted that “we all rallied around” Kelly following disparaging comments Trump made in 2015 during the Republican primary. She replied by saying that this subejct isn’t about her.

“I am trying to explain the mindset of the right half of the country, which I happen to understand, unlike most in the media,” another tweet from Kelly read. “You may find it helpful, you may not. But the notion that I should make it all about me & Trump’s comments is absurd. I moved past it long ago.”

She also spent time responding to Democratic lawmakers. In one discussion, Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu tweeted the following in response to one of Kelly’s tweets:

“The President said immigrants (like me) should go back to our country; incited hate against Asian Americans with phrases like Kung Flu; campaigned on banning Muslims & mocked Native Americans. What would “fair” be in how I should feel? I’m trying to understand,” he wrote.

Kelly replied by saying that he has “every right to” his anger, adding that “GOP voters who have been unfairly vilified by leaders on the L [left]” also have that liberty. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly And Other Fox News Sexual Harassment Accusers Speak Following ‘Bombshell’ Movie. Here’s What They Had To Say.)

“And it won’t go away, in either case, bc [because] a politician wins & tweets ‘Healed!'” she continued, referencing Biden’s comments. “He needs to start at home. Talk to AOC [Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez] & the media re: unity. Then some GOPers might listen.”

Kelly acknowledged Sunday evening that it’s evident she has “a lot on my mind today” and suggested that her Monday podcast would elaborate on her weekend tweets.