Pro Golfer Jon Rahm Makes Impressive Hole-In-One Shot After Skipping Ball Over Pond At The Masters

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot The Masters https://twitter.com/TheMasters/status/1326232433373704194)

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Professional golfer Jon Rahm shocked everyone after making a hole-in-one Tuesday on hole 16 during a practice round.

The most impressive part of Rahm’s hole-in-one is that he had to skip the ball across a pond to reach the green, according to a tweet shared by The Masters.

Before his hole-in-one on Tuesday, Rahm made a hole-in-one on hole four during Monday’s practice round, according to the Golf Channel.

We’ll have to wait to see how Rahm does this weekend during the tournament. However, if his time at Augusta National Golf Club continues the way it has so far, he’s sure to have a good weekend as well. (RELATED: Sergio Garcia Withdraws From Masters Tournament After Testing Positive For Coronavirus)

The news out of The Masters weekend has already been crazy. These two hole-in-ones by Rahm were impressive, but there has also been not-so-great news as well.

Sergio Garcia had to withdraw from the tournament after he tested positive for coronavirus. Missing the 2020 Masters tournament marks the first time Garcia has missed a Masters in 21 years, as previously reported.

It’ll still be a great weekend. There aren’t any fans there at Augusta, so it’ll be interesting to see how the TV ratings for the tournament turn out.