Instagram Model Luna Benna Claims Tinder Banned Her From The App

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Luna Benna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHEpuPtvkTA)

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An Instagram model claimed she was banned from Tinder after people began to use her photos to catfish.

Luna Benna, 21, said people couldn’t tell the difference between her real Tinder profile and the fake profiles and she got booted, according to a report published Tuesday by the New York Post.


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The dream is free; the hustle is sold separately.????

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“I’m too hot for Tinder,” Benna reportedly said, according to the outlet.


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My eyes are wide like cherry pies.???? Happy Saturday.????

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Benna used sexy photos on her Tinder and people would use her photos with different names to catfish Tinder users, the model claimed. (RELATED: Instagram Model Has Doctor Declare Her Butt Is Actually Real)

“There’s so many fake profiles out there, whenever I start a legit account I get reported and Tinder has me taken down,” Benna said, the New York Post reported.

Before she was reportedly kicked off the app, Benna did go on a couple of dates.

“I received so many odd and silly messages during my time on Tinder,” Benna reportedly said.

The Instagram model claimed people would message her requests to meet in exchange for money along with marriage proposals.

I don’t know if she was actually banned from the app, or if they just mistakenly thought her real profile was a fake one. Maybe she could make another one if she wanted. It’s not clear.

However, you would think that someone who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram would not have any issues meeting people and going on dates.