Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Calls Trump’s Claims Of Voter Fraud ‘Wildly Inappropriate’

Photo by CHRIS VAN BUSKIRK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Alex Corey Contributor
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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker called President Donald Trump’s and other Republicans’ claims of voter fraud “wildly inappropriate’ Tuesday at a COVID-19 press conference.

Baker criticized Attorney General Bill Barr’s decision to greenlight Department of Justice investigations into Trump’s allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

“I’m dismayed to hear the baseless claims coming from the President, from his team, and from many other elected Republican officials in Washington,” Baker said at the press conference. “But this latest move, to deploy the Department of Justice in all of this, is so wildly inappropriate. And stalling an orderly transition process, especially at a time like this, is equally unacceptable.”

His comments come one week after he admitted he chose not to vote for Trump or former Vice President Biden, but leave that portion of his ballot blank. (RELATED: Massachusetts Governor Issues Curfew As COVID-19 Cases Rise Across The Country)

The governor also made a point to question a lack of evidence for the allegations made by the Trump campaign and other Republicans, a similar point made last week by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“If the Trump campaign has legitimate legal challenges they should bring them to court, and the courts should deal with those as quickly and as fairly as possible,” Baker added. “But I’m aware of no legitimate claims of wrongdoing anywhere near the scale it would take to affect this outcome.”

In the past Trump has referred to Baker as “Republican in name only” over his refusal to support most of the administration’s policies, and often siding with Democrats.

Baker ended his comments by stating that the Trump administration needs to do what is in the “best interest of the country” and that they need to move forward by cooperating with Biden’s transition team.