Senator-Elect Tuberville: With Biden As President, GOP Is ‘Playing For Freedom’ Against ‘Socialists’ And ‘Communists’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Republican Alabama Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville said that under the administration of President-elect Joe Biden Republicans will be “playing for freedom” against “socialists” and “communists” in the Democratic Party.

Interviewing Tuberville on Wednesday morning’s “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, anchor Sandra Smith played a clip of Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal insisting Democrats would be “fighting for our priorities” regardless of who controls the U.S. Senate.

“You have a crucial role now, senator-elect, in the future of this country,” Smith said. “What does a Joe Biden presidency look like?”


“On the Republican side, all we’re doing is we’re playing for freedom for every citizen of the United States,” Tuberville responded. “Freedom. But they’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen. I’m telling you right now they’ve got people that are liberal, they’ve got socialists and they’ve got communists.”

Insisting his characterization was not “too rough,” the senator-elect compared efforts to fight Democratic Party proposals to his time coaching Auburn.

“I’ve been on football teams sometimes when everybody had egos and wanted it their way,” he said. “It does not work. We’re fighting for the future of this country and we’d better start going by the rules and the Constitution and understand what this country was about and how we got here and the fundamentals, and it’s not socialism and it’s not communism.” (RELATED: Dana Perino Pans Schumer’s Statement On Georgia Runoff: ‘A Lot More Like Don Quixote Than General Sherman’)

Tuberville defeated former Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions in the GOP primaries, then went on to defeat Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in what became the only Democratic Senate seat to switch parties. With a current tie at 48-48, two run-off races in Georgia will determine which party controls the Senate until 2023.