‘Mail It Tomorrow’: Whoopi Goldberg Mocks Claims Of Voter Fraud, Finds ‘Ballots’ Everywhere

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg mocked claims of voter fraud during Wednesday’s show, stopping throughout the broadcast to pull “ballots” from her shirt and from under her chair.

Goldberg joked about mailing the ballots later as she and her cohosts questioned why President Donald Trump has refused to concede the 2020 presidential race to former Vice President Joe Biden. Instead, amid numerous legal challenges and recounts, Trump has maintained that he won the election despite media projections that Biden would be the winner. (RELATED: ‘Suck It Up’: Whoopi Goldberg Lashes Out At Anyone Who Questions Election Integrity)


“This is where things stand according to ABC. Biden has 279 electoral votes. You-know-who has 217. Biden has over 5 million more votes than you-know-who. Biden is leading in Georgia by 14,000, leading in Arizona by 12,000, leading in Pennsylvania by 45,000, leading in Michigan by 148,000, and 20,000 in Wisconsin,” Goldberg began. “So what do you make of all these crazy moves by the White House? I mean, with all this information here, and I want him of course, to count all the ballots.”

“You know, I just happened to find this one, so I’m going to put this aside, mail it tomorrow,” she added as she pulled out a ballot and set it aside. Cohost Sunny Hostin laughed.

Moments later, just before the broadcast cut away to a commercial break, Goldberg pulled another ballot from her shirt.


“Oh, wait a minute. I have to pull this out of my shirt. Oh, look. It’s another ballot. My goodness. They’re everywhere,” she said.

Goldberg found a third ballot on her chair just as the show picked up after a commercial break.


“Oh, excuse me. Oh, sorry. Another one. My goodness,” Goldberg laughed. “We were talking about you-know-whose refusal to acknowledge he’s out of a job.”