Get Early Black Friday Savings On These Mini-Massage Guns Comparable To The Theragun Mini

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Whether it’s a stiff neck from staring at your computer all day to swollen calves from a grueling run, a little massaging action can do wonders! But instead of forking up major dough for overpriced name brand massagers, we found some great mini versions that provide excellent muscle pain relief at prices that will definitely help you relax some.

No More Sore Mini Muscle Toner Massage Gun – $50.99

While this thing is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it’s incredibly powerful. Considered a professional-grade massager, this little guy can give sore, aching muscles the relief they need thanks to its incredible 3,200RPM motor.

Since it runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, you can literally take this mini-massager with you to the office, the gym, and more. On just one charge, you can get up to 24 hours of massaging power, allowing you to get instant targeted relief whenever you need it.

Use the coupon code SAVE15NOV here to get it for just over $50 bucks.

Mini Portable Fascia Massage Gun – $59.49

Different parts of your body require different levels of massage, and this mini-massage gun is always up to the challenge. From its different massage modes to its six-hour run time, this gadget is perfect for muscle pain relief on-the-go. And thanks to its low-noise operation, you never have to feel awkward using it at the office, on public transportation, or at the gym.

This dynamic mini-massager also comes equipped with four interchangeable massage heads, making it super customizable. Whether you need strong, kneading relief or simply want to relax with a little rub-down, this massage gun is just the ticket.

Use the coupon code SAVE15NOV here, making it just under $60 bucks.

Addsfit Mini Portable Massage Gun – $105

For those times you can’t make it to your massage therapist, this mini-massage gun promises incredible relief from tight or sore muscles. While it weighs a mere 12.7oz and fits in the palm of your hand, this teeny-tiny gadget is capable of pumping out 27 lbs of powerful percussion massage!

Whether it’s your neck, your thighs, or your arms that could use a little attention, this portable mini-massager comes equipped with three different speed levels, perfect for tailored relief. And since it’s practically silent when in action, you never have to worry about bothering anyone while using it on-the-go. It’s even made with aluminum material, making it resistant to nasty germs and bacteria.

Get it for just $89.25 here when you use the coupon code SAVE15NOV at check-out.

Prices subject to change.

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