‘That’s How Sick He Is’: Joy Behar Says Trump ‘Relishes’ Leaving COVID Mess In Biden’s Lap

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Thursday that she believed President Donald Trump truly enjoyed the thought of leaving the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic in his successor’s lap.

Behar claimed that Trump was refusing to take the right steps to fight the virus because he knew it would be left to President-elect Joe Biden to clean up whatever mess he left behind. (RELATED: ‘Become The Media Darling’: Joy Behar Advises Dr. Fauci To ‘Get Out’ While He Still Can)


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment with a conversation about Biden’s coronavirus task force and the suggestion that a 4-6 week nationwide lockdown might finally get the virus under control.

Goldberg came out in favor of a lockdown, saying that it might be necessary because people had not been willing to take the steps they had been advised to take early on. “I just wanted to say that, you know, I’m willing to do anything to get us back where we need to be because this idea that, you know, this one doesn’t want to wear a mask, this one doesn’t want to do this, you know, we all have to do the same thing or it’s not going to work,” she said.

” You know, I just want to add this one thing,” Behar replied. “It occurs to me that Trump is so evil at this point — I really think he’s evil. I think he absolutely relishes the idea that things are getting worse, and it’s going to be in Biden’s lap. I really think he likes that. That’s how sick he is.”

Sara Haines suggested that maybe the people should be presented with a choice — that they should be told to wear a mask or there would have to be a longer lockdown.

“If they came out and said, here are your options, either we shut down everything or you wear a mask. Make them make that choice because I have a feeling that people would opt for their masks,” she explained.