‘How Could They Have Done This?’: Spain Botches Another Art Restoration Project

Posted on Facebook by Antonio Capel Artista.

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Another piece of artwork in Spain has been botched during renovations, sparking laughs from locals, a report showed.

Antonio Capel, a local Spanish artist, posted on Facebook showing the before and after photos of a sculpture at what he told Associated Press News was a bank in Palencia. This led locals to flock to the site to take photos of the mistake, AP reported. (RELATED: New Coronavirus Restrictions Enacted Across Europe As New Cases Rise)

“It looks like a cartoon character,” Capel wrote in his post. 

Las fotos están un poco borrosas, de todas maneras se aprecia la pícia perfectamente. Esta cabeza se cayó de uno de los…

Posted by Antonio Capel Artista on Saturday, November 7, 2020

Capel said he was tipped off about the sculpture by a local florist on the same street in Palencia, AP reported. He said it’s likely the renovations were done years ago. Local authorities declined to give details to AP on when the renovation was done and by who, adding that the city will likely investigate. (RELATED: REPORT: Spanish Police Seize Over 2,400 Pounds Of Cocaine, Second Huge Drug Bust In Past Two Weeks)

“I was surprised,” he told AP. “How could they have done this? This must be at least 10-years-old, and we’re only finding out now.”

Artista referenced in his Facebook post the infamous “Ecce Homo” painting of Jesus in Borja, Spain, which after renovations in 2012, became known as the “Monkey Christ”. The painting, done by Elías García Martínez in 1930 as a fresco, depicts Jesus Christ with the crown of thorns but became difficult to even recognize after the botched renovation. It remains a tourist attraction due to its now embarrassing appearance.

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