REPORT: Dominion Voting Systems Didn’t Cause Voter Fraud In Michigan Or Georgia

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Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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The Dominion voting voting machines did not cause voting inaccuracies in Michigan and Georgia on Election Day, despite claims from President Donald Trump and others in his campaign, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Trump suggested as recently as Thursday morning that the company “attempted to alter our election and got caught,” but an NYT county-by-county investigation found that the issues were caused by human error or merely caused a delay in reporting numbers, not a change in vote counts. The vast majority of counties in Michigan and Georgia that experienced issues on Election Day did not use Dominion voting systems.

“In the two Michigan counties that had mistakes, the inaccuracies were because of human errors, not software problems, according to the Michigan Department of State, county officials and election-security experts. Only one of the two Michigan counties used Dominion software,” NYT wrote. (RELATED: Here’s How Recounts Could Unfold In Critical Battleground States)

“Issues in three Georgia counties had other explanations. In one county, an apparent problem with Dominion software delayed officials’ reporting of the vote tallies, but did not affect the actual vote count. In two other counties, a separate company’s software slowed poll workers’ ability to check-in voters,” the report added.

Trump highlighted Thursday an unsubstantiated report from One America News Network (OANN) claiming Dominion had deleted 2.7 million Trump votes.

Tina Barton, the Republican city clerk of Rochester Hills, MI, which is in one of the affected counties, tweeted out a video criticizing GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for making insinuations about the county’s vote tally.

The accusations against Dominion are just one of the many avenues Trump and his campaign are using to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s wide lead in the presidential election. The Associated Press, Fox News and numerous other outlets have called the race for Biden. Georgia and potentially other states are subject to a recount, and Trump has legal challenges pending in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The campaign’s lawsuits have been thrown out in Georgia and Nevada.