Trump Supporters Planning Mass Marches In DC Over Election Results

Zach Gibson/AFP via Getty Images

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Supporters of President Donald Trump are planning marches in Washington, D.C. over the weekend following a close presidential election and subsequent claims of voter fraud by the president.

Activists are planning to hold a #StopTheSteal rally Saturday at the Freedom Plaza in the nation’s capital. The hashtag is a reference to claims made by the president and his supporters that there was voter fraud that impacted the election.

The Maga Million March will also be held at the Freedom Plaza Saturday. Some are planning to march from the Supreme Court to the White House, according to WUSA9 News. (RELATED: 10 Demonstrations Could Happen During Election Week In DC, National Parks Service Says)

The Freedom Plaza can only hold about 13,000 people, the National Park Service estimates. It is unclear how many Trump supporters and counter-protesters will show up to the event.

President Trump has made repeated claims about voter fraud undermining the integrity of the presidential election, particularly with the increased use of mail-in ballots. Many Republican leaders have joined him in calling for investigations into the alleged fraud or called for recounts in states where the results were close.

The left-wing group Refuse Fascism is planning a counter-protest Saturday, WUSA9 reports. They plan to arrive at the Freedom Plaza 30 minutes before the Maga Million March, but organizers said that the counter-protest will be non-violent.

“We are gathering non-violently,” Lucha Bright of Refuse Fascism told WUSA9. “We are not intending to engage them. We want to overwhelm them with our numbers.”

“If they attack us, that is not out of the realm of possibilities of what they do,” Bright added. “But we are hoping, especially if we gather in large numbers, that we will overwhelm them with our strength.”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said during a Tuesday morning press conference that she still recommends that businesses remove the plywood that was set up in anticipation of post-election unrest, according to WUSA9.

“We continue to follow those activities and be prepared for those activities,” Bowser said of the Trump rallies, WUSA9 reported. “Our police chief will have a similar posture this weekend as he did last week and we will be there to support peaceful exercise of first amendment demonstrations.”