Gifts From Michael Jordan To His Personal Security Guard Set To Hit Auction Block

Credit: Ken Levine /Allsport/ Getty Images

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Gifts given to Michael Jordan’s personal security guard John Michael Wozniak are being auctioned off.

Wozniak passed away in January, three months before ESPN’s documentary “The Last Dance” aired, according to Page Six. The items are being auctioned off by Wozniak’s family. The security guard is featured in the documentary.

The documentary showcased the relationship between Jordan, Wozniak and the other security guards. Jordan would spend time with them after he became so famous that he couldn’t really go out in public, according to Page Six. (RELATED: Bonus Footage From ‘The Last Dance’ Shows Michael Jordan Discussing Other Players Being Compared To Him)

One of the items being auctioned is a Rolex that Jordan gave to Wozniak for Christmas in 1993, the outlet reported. The starting bid for the watch was $1,500. The Rolex was engraved with the message, “To John M, From MJ, 12-25-93,” Page Six reported.

A diamond-studded ring that Jordan gave to Wozniak in 1998 after winning his sixth NBA championship will also be auctioned.

A Wizards jersey that Jordan wore in 2002 is already up to $6,000 with a month left on the auction block, the outlet reported.

Some people will be made really happy with these auction items, but they are super personal. I love getting to see that Jordan and Wozniak had such a great relationship. You can tell by the gifts and the time they spent together.