Prince Charles Will Not ‘Willingly Step Down’ From Becoming King For Prince William, Biographer Says

(Photo by Aaron Chown - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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A royal biographer thinks Prince Charles most likely won’t step aside and let Prince William become King when the time comes for next in line to take the throne.

Author Robert Lacey told “Good Morning Britain” that Queen Elizabeth II is “determined to go on to the end,” according to a report published Friday by the Daily Mail.

“The Queen’s jubilee certainly shows the Queen is determined to go on to the end,” Lacey said, the outlet reported. “But there is such loyalty and respect for the Queen, when we look to the future and say who could duplicate that in the future, could it be King Charles and Queen Camilla?” (RELATED: REPORT: Prince William Battled Coronavirus Back In April)

“Or would it much better be William and Kate who are already the focus of enormous popularity and are clearly stepping into the role of future sovereign,” Lacey continued. “I myself don’t think he would willingly step down from the destiny he has waited for so long.”

Honestly, I see where he’s coming from. Everyone knows who Prince William is by now and he’s a much bigger face of the royal family globally than Prince Charles is. It wouldn’t be the worst move for the royal family given all the drama that has recently gone on.

William and Kate Middleton would make a great king and queen.